Fujifilm Instax Square SQ 6

If you are a camera enthusiast, mark your calendar for May 25. On this day, Fujifilm is going to release a square format film camera. This one will be a special one for anybody who loves taking photos at his/her special moments. Fujifilm is calling this one – the Instax Square SQ6. It is an instant film camera with a 1:1 aspect ration. The photos will print out in a square format (2.4-inch by 2.4-inch)

Fujifilm¬†has been in the photography industry for a very long time. The name is well known to many photographers and they trust and rely on the company’s camera products. For many decades before the digital cameras became popular, the company focused on these film cameras and they were very good. In the past, the film cameras were the only option for the photographers. Today, there are many options and varieties for the photographers yet many people love the films. There are many reasons for choosing the film cameras.¬†Mainly, people love the old, rustic, and dramatic photos. The company still makes these film cameras and they are one of the top manufacturers. The company has various business not only including medical imaging, diagnostic equipment, cosmetics, biologics manufacturing, stem cells, graphic art equipment, color paper, photocopier and printers, digital cameras, and etc. However, the color film is still very popular and favorable department to the public.

I am very interested the Instax Square SQ6 because I had a chance to play with a similar camera – Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10. And I loved it. The SQ 10 is very expensive for a square format camera. It costs you $279. But it’s an excellent camera because it is a hybrid between analog and digital. Do you know any other camera that’s analog and digital? It’s like the old meets the new generation of camera and slap them all together. Pretty impressive and the photos don’t lie. Each photo comes out as authentic and sharp images. Now we see different companies coming out with their version of square cameras, but I think Fujifilm does it the best.

The new Instax Square SQ6 does not have the digital part, but it will have some features that many people will like. First one is an auto-exposure control feature. This one is pretty nice for someone who doesn’t like controlling their exposure due to lack of photography skills or doesn’t like to change the setting for every single photo. The feature will allow you to manually adjust the settings for that perfect photo with balanced exposures.

The second feature is a sensor for capturing the surrounding light. The sensor will allow you detect the brightness and it will change the shutter speed. That’s like the digital camera feature that helps you to take great photos at any places. You can choose three different color filters – orange, green, and purple. The three colors bring out that retro vibe to your photos. It has another cool feature, and that has to do with a selfie mode. This mode allows you to adjust the focus and light as you take the close-up shots. A small mirror that is next to the lens will help you to make that perfect selfie photo. Don’t forget a built-in ten-second timer feature. It will allow you to set up your timer so that everyone can be part of the memory.

Lastly, there are other multiple shooting modes you can choose to take your photos. You can press the shutter button twice then the camera will superimpose two images onto a single film. This is called a double exposure mode. If you like taking close shots, Fujifilm company didn’t let you down. There is a macro mode that gets close as nearly 12 inches. You will be able to take some awesome close-up food photos. What about a landscape mode? Of course. You will be able to capture beautiful scenery shots on this camera.

Overall, this is going to be an excellent camera for anyone who loves taking photos. It’s not a digital camera, but it has many features that you will use and able to capture beautiful images in films. The Instax SQ6 comes in white, gray, and gold colors. Just like any other film cameras, you will need to buy films separately. You should be able to pick up a pack reasonably decent price. As mentioned earlier, circle the date. The Instax SQ6 will debut its beauty for $130 in the US.