Holiday Shopping! (2018)

“So This Is Christmas, What Have You Done?” These are the first few words of the famous song, Happy Xmas (War is over) by John Lennon. The song always makes me feel like I’m ready for the holidays.

Holidays are special to many people. It’s time to be thankful and be reminded that each and everyone is loved. A lot of non-profit organization and churches around the country are doing good work for those who are unfortunate. The church that I attend does Christmas shoes party. We ask the congregation to buy some toys and school supplies to put them in a shoebox and send the box to the places where homeless and poor kids can get them. We made 500 shoe boxes last year and we are hoping to get at least 700 boxes. Also, we go out to the city on Christmas Eve and sing Christmas Carol and give out hot chocolate to the people out in the city. The holidays are special. There are many things people do during the holidays. Some of the traditions like picking up a Christmas tree after the Thanksgiving Day, Flag football with the friends and family, college football division championship, and of course, Christmas shopping. With the Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend, many people started shopping for their friends and family. People are excited to see some great deals during the holiday season so they can buy things for the others and for themselves. It’s nice to see people out and spending time and money to have great times.

The big box retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s all spend their effort and money to market the products during this time. I hear that this year’s Thanksgiving (Black Friday) retailers’ revenue increased 28% from the last year. That’s crazy. People definitely love shopping. The deals are pretty amazing too. I’ve seen so many tech gadgets were on sale like Nest 3rd generation thermostat which is around $230 but its price dropped to $170 during the holiday shopping seasons. Who wouldn’t want that kind of savings if you were looking for one for a long time? Not only the newest and the latest technology products are on sale but also the good old reputable cameras are on sale as well. I checked this website and there were so many good deals I find that many photographers will like. It’s hard to find these kinds of deals throughout the year but I am really happy that I found these deals for my friends and family as well. The holidays are special for all. We love the feel of good Christmas spirits to be contagious to those around us.

So what are you waiting for? Make a list of people you want to give gifts to and go out and do some Shopping? I remember my parents always said that giving gifts is always better than receiving the gifts. It’s tempting to just want to receive and receive/get and get what you want and need. We always feel this way. But when we give with the spirit of the holidays, we find that our hearts feel warm and satisfied.