iPad Pro (2018) version.

My family was nice enough to get me a really fancy gift. I got an Ipad-Pro for the Christmas gift. It’s a really nice and very expensive gift. I am not sure what I did to deserve this gift. In 2018, there were many new tech items came out to the public and there were many things I wanted to buy, but I was so thrilled when my family bought me this iPad. Here are top 3 2018 tech gadgets I want to share with you.

Happy New Year!

1. iPad-Pro 11inch and 12 inch. Apple made big changes to the new ipad models. The new models don’t have a home button and it uses a faceID like the new iPhones but you can unlock the device any angle you hold the device. It’s big and bright. The new A12x bionic chip is so powerful. If anyone is buying or upgrading their iPad this year, they won’t regret it because it’s going to last you for a long long time. I personally think it’s future tech proof since it has a new USB-C cable and faceID.

2. Google Home Hub. I recently moved and I thought about getting this for my house. I am not sure how I still feel about Google listening to our day-to-day conversation. So I am holding off on it. It’s a great device. You can set up everything in the house (such as: Nest Thermostat, Arlo Video Camera, Philips Light Bulb, and many more smart home automation devices) and look them in one device – Google Home Hub. It’s priced at $150 but many retailers like: walmart, tartget, and bestbuy have some serious discounts and you can get them for $100. It does not have a front facing camera so if I guess Google, too, thought about the privacy issue.

3. OnePlus 6T. This is a new game-changing smartphone. I say it boldly because the phones in 2018 have gone crazy. Many new flagship phones are costing over $1,000. That’s too crazy. OnePlus 6T cost half of that and still one of the best smartphone of the 2018 year.

It’s crazy fast and it does everything well like the flagship phones from Samsung, Google, and Apple. Did I mention that it takes amazing photos? The camera is so good!

Obviously I couldn’t get all three in my house this year. But my family was gracious enough to get me the biggest and most expensive gadgets of the three products. iPad-Pro is simply amazing and I can do so much more stuff freely without carrying my bulking laptop. I’ve been learning how to edit photos with my new ios software. It’s so amazing what I can do with the device now. Cutting and editing videos have been super easy too. I shared my holiday break recording with the family after I edited them and everyone loved it.

Also, I am thinking about getting an Apple Pencil. This thing is expensive too. But I think it is well worth it. The reason why I say it is worth it because you can keep things so clean and take great notes with it. I am excited to be more creative in 2019 with my iPad-Pro. Thanks family!