My new iPhone XR

This is very embarrassing but I had a little incident how I had to switch my phone in January.

Okay, I have to admit. I am a phone snob and I wanted to get a different phone. My perfectly working fine Google Pixel 2 XL phone was listed on a local craiglist and I tried to exchange with someone who had an iPhone. Long story short, the person who swapped the phone with me was a person who owned a blacklisted iPhone. Of course, I could not use the phone and I turned into a local authority force.

I went to Best Buy and got myself the newest iPhone. iPhone XR was my choice. You have to guess, I had to pay in full to get the phone. Even though I technically lost my Google phone, I really like this new iPhone. It takes amazing photos and the battery last super long.

If you are looking to get a phone that has features like SLR camera/DSLR, you have to check this phone. It’s amazing!!!