Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera

There are many good instant cameras out there. I like Fujifilm products personally. However, there is a new Polaroid’s original OneStep 2 has been catching my attention. Last week, I was at a local Target store and checked out the camera myself. This was a real deal. The OneStep 2 is the newest model from Polaroid, and that has a classic design with a modern feel to it. The camera is super easy to use, and the instant camera works like a charm. Out of the box, it is ready to tackle many adventures with you. The updated powerful lens and it’s bright flash give you great shots from every angle and every place. The reason why I like this camera is that Polaroid upgraded Viewfinder from the previous model. The other generation had a good viewfinder, but this one steals the show. The rechargeable battery is a huge plus.

Another positive thing that is going for Polaroid is that this camera uses Polaroid 600 films which have various film color types. Original, Rose Gold, Pastel Gradient, and Black & White. Photographers can keep the photo experience interesting by swapping different film colors. Many people love this function because they can change the mood of their settings. My personal favorite is black & white. The photos look classic and beautiful all the time.

Some people prefer the instant films to be smaller, but the true photographers prefer the original instant film size which is square – like the Polaroids make. These folks love sharing the photos immediately after they take the shots and giving away to their loved ones. But don’t give away too much. It can add up and do some damage on your wallet. The bigger film (square) than the other smaller films means it will cost more.

In conclusion, I think Polaroid has done a great job upgrading Polaroid Original 9003. The Polaroid film prices can be different based on the film sizes, but if you own one of the Polaroids, you won’t be disappointed. I recommend the new version because the features are much better for a slight price difference. You can get the new one for $120 whereas the older model still costs $100. If you have any wedding party or special occasions coming up, I highly recommend getting this camera. You will be able to capture beautiful memories and share them with your friends and family right away.

Look, I get that everyone takes photos with their smartphones now these days. It’s convenient and it takes great shots. But there is something special about taking photos with your camera – like the instant film cameras. Not only it brings out different apertured photos than digitally shot photos, but it also reminds you that it can be shared with your loved ones immediately. Keeping these photos on your desk at work, your school locker, or in your car, rather than the photos being stored in a phone which will be in your pocket will be very special and bring out the best smile during the day. Trust Me!