Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 Photo Features

I love Google phones. I had Google phones for a long time. Back then they were called Nexus phones but Google started to use their own name under Pixel and manufactured their phones starting 2016. I am currently using Pixel 2 XL. It is a great phone. It’s been one year since I had this phone and it still runs like a brand new one. Many people, including myself, like the Google phone because they love how it takes photos. It’s amazing. The phone takes clear and detail shots every time. Many phone companies are using dual (now triple) cameras to bring the camera experience better but Google takes a different approach. Google uses a single lens on the rear side camera and the Google software is doing the most of hard work. In the end, the Google photos come out superior to the other phones, including iPhone.

Google just announced a brand new Pixel phone, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Reading many tech reviewers articles and videos, I am confident to say that the new Pixel 3 is going to have an amazing camera – surpassing its previous model. It still has a single rear camera but it has new features that make this phone better than the other ones. Here are top 3 features.

Top Shot

This is a really cool feature. Google’s AI captures continuous images before and after you take the photo. When you are looking at your photo, you will be able to see the ones that Google took before the shot and afterward. This is pretty amazing because you won’t have a bad photo in the end. How many times did you miss that beautiful smile of your kid because you were trying to take a perfect photo? Now you don’t have to think about the perfect moment anymore. You simply take a photo and the camera will pick the one that has that perfect smile, facing you, and not looking somewhere else.

Motion Auto Focus

A well-known filmmaker, Terrence Malick, made a short video for Google using Pixel 3. It’s amazing. Google really wanted to emphasize the software features of the new phone by showing the photos sharp and detail as possible. In the video, Malick’s video has lots of close-ups and the camera is constantly moving yet the images stay very sharp. The phone’s motion autofocus feature is the reason why the filmmaker was able to take these amazing shots. The camera detects one item in the lens and keeps following the object throughout the shots. It tracks where the object is moving to.

Night Sight

This is my favorite feature. It’s called Night Sight. More than any words, let me share this image with you. Please see below.

Look at that image from Pixel 3! The new iPhone XS has dual cameras and the phone is the latest phone from Apple. Yet Google destroys the competitor’s camera(s). Again the software is so good that a single lens can produce such a bright photo at night without a flash. This feature is going to change the camera taking experience at night.

Google is not a search engine company anymore. I can honestly say that Google is now making more beautiful products than Apple or Samsung. Google Home (Max, Mini, and Hub), Google Pixel Phones, Google Pixelbooks are so much better than the other Apple products because of the Google AI software and features. The new Pixel phone is going to be better than any smartphone cameras out there today and maybe perhaps in 2019. Well, until Google comes out with Pixel 4.