Holiday Photography

I love the Holidays. I feel like everyone is nicer during the holidays. Don’t you agree?
Well, it may be true after all. Everyone is reflecting the past year and thinking about how good/bad they were in the past year and perhaps they want to do something better for the new year.

I see many people at the mall giving things to the charitable organization and taking photos with Santa for a good cause. Speaking of taking photos with Santa, this is a big deal for some new (young) family.

Young families love sharing photos with their friends and family. They want to show their baby to the world! I get it. I have done it myself with my wife when our kids were babies. People stand on a long line to take photos with Santa at the malls. It must be very tiring for the Santa.

When you are taking photos with Santa, you have to remember a few rules. Here. Let me share some of my own experience in the past and you can choose to follow them or not.
Rule #1. You can’t wear RED!
Let me explain why. Your center (focal point) is a giant dude wearing an item of red clothing. Santa is a big dude (usually) and he is supposed to be the focal point of the photo. When you wear the same color of clothing, you suddenly become a part of Santa’s clothing. This is not good because your focal point is being distorted by the same color. Trust me. Instead try to wear Green, White, and or any colors that are much lighter than red.

Rule #2. Try to avoid any weekend. This includes Friday afternoon as well. Think about it for a second. Everyone in your neighborhood will be there doing the same thing. When I go to the mall and see the line to take photos with Santa, I want to throw up. It’s darn so long and kids look miserable.
Instead, try to go during the business hour during the week. I understand that parents can’t really take time off during the day to take the photo. However, if you really want the photo with a Santa, it may be worth taking a half day off and spending time with your family. Your kids will have a great time with you and you will cherish the moment without so much stress. (Isn’t that why we work in the first place?) Just saying.

Rule #3. Be polite and considerate. I remember I was waiting behind these two ladies who took 30+ mins looking at three same photos and could not decide which one to pick while the line behind them was forming like crazy! They just didn’t care about other folks and taking advantage of their time. This is not cool at all. You have other kids waiting on the same line so they can have fun with Santa. Why would you take away their joy and you become that annoying person who becomes that Grinch? Please be polite and be reasonable.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays and having fun. This year was a great year for me (personally) and I am very thankful for it. I have more time taking photos with my family and using the film camera that I purchased earlier this year. I am super excited to take more photos in 2019 with my camera.