Summer Films

Summer is almost over. I can’t believe it’s already mid-August. You find yourself thinking, “what have I done this summer?” Of course, if you are a working professional, your schedule does not change just because it is summer. But if you are a student, you have a lot of time to do whatever you want. One thing in common for a working professional & a student is that they both can spare some time to watch a film. This is why many great movies come out during any summer seasons. This summer was not an exception. This summer I watched several good movies. My favorite was Mission Impossible: Fall Out. Oh boy, this movie was Amazing. Tom Cruise was doing so many action stunts that were surreal. I read from a magazine that he broke his foot during one of his shootings.

As I was watching many movies this summer, one question kept popping in my head. That is, how are these movies filmed? I knew they used movie film cameras to shoot the scenes, but I wondered how these film cameras worked. Now, these days many 35mm film production cameras are replaced by the digital cameras, but many directors in Hollywood still use the photographic camera to take rapid continuous photos on a film. These cameras are slightly different because they take a serious of images. They don’t take one photo at a time. I learned from Wiki that this is accomplished through an intermittent mechanism. This mechanism is a device that film is keeping up with up-to-date technology and then held in place for a short time in a film production camera or movie projector. When we, audience, watch a movie, we are looking at a specific speed, called the frame rate. We think that each shot is continuous motion instead of a collective of a single shot. Pretty cool stuff.

I can’t imagine how many films are used to create one movie. The editor must spend hours and hours editing the parts with the continuous motion of shots to develop flawless screenshots for the audience to enjoy. I never thought much of it, but as I learn about the film camera industry, I started to appreciate more. I am not a great actor so I can’t be in the front of the screen, but I am very interested in learning more about film cameras and being a producer. I may pick one up a film camera store and start shooting individual films for myself. Capturing the beautiful images and making movies seem like a novel thing to do. Here is why. Going back to Mission Impossible. I remember watching the first Mission Impossible movie back in 1999. Okay. 1999!!! Some of you may not have been born. You see, we can’t change or go back to the past but we can remember what Tom Cruise used to look like and appreciate his previous action movie and what he did as a young actor. Now close to 2019, we saw the same actor who matured, acted just like he did in the past and the story of Mission Impossible keeps going. We remember a man and his life together through the movie. I think that’s a novel thing to do. Summer is almost over. But I am glad that I was able to watch one of the greatest sequence movies all the time.